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HALA Pakistan has been appreciating the necessity of constituting a welfare association representing the Pakistanis in Kuwait in general with a view to uplifting the image of Pakistani community in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries. HALA Pakistan may ensure the welfare of the Pakistani community by developing and organizing a community website and various social and cultural activities in the Kuwait and other Gulf Countries.


Through successful organization of the said website and activities, they will be able to develop a better image of Pakistan and unleash their leadership potential. HALA Pakistan will also provide a forum of communication for Kuwaiti & Pakistani social and business community.


The formation of the HALA Pakistan, filled by the values and spirit of Islam and Pakistan, is expected to guide in a more encouraging environment maintaining harmonious relationship within the community and providing an friendly and effective means to further improve the existing relationships within the community itself and other communities living in Kuwait and other Gulf Countries with a view to achieving the excellence in a holistic manner and thereby help meet the personal and collective objectives of the community. 

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Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait

PEFK is a premier & first ever Pakistani Forum of its kind in State of Kuwait which is purely designated to provide assistance for Pakistani job seekers residing in Kuwait. PEFK is a community welfare organization which is intended & established to guide, & support Pakistani job seekers in Kuwait to find the right job with respect to their qualification & experience. PEFK is a non govenmental organization. 

To have more information visit the site 

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