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Musarrat Jabeen Zeba (7th January, 1951) a Pakistani Urdu poet, resided in Kuwait over 40 Years

Musarrat Jabeen Zeba is a famous Urdu Shayar of all times from Jhang, Pakistan. Over period of 45 Years she was resident in State of Kuwait.  Zeba was born in 1951 in Jhang, Pakistan. She is famous among poetry lovers. Everyone love to read Zeba's Shayari. Best and vast collection of Musarrat Jabeen Zeba Urdu Shayari is available at We shall update it regularly

Zeba started writing at an early age and published her first volume of poetry, Rukh e Zeba, in 1980s.She subsequently published other volumes of poetry - including Pehla Ansoo Mausam Ka,Chahten Be Asool Hoti Ha,Chala e Bhi Ao Guab Rutt, Azaab e DarBadri, Dar e Khuda Numa, Taalian De Thalle, Apne Ghar Ke Sare Mausam, besides a collection of her newspaper columns, titled Kuwait Mein Urdu and many more.. 

Zeba was the President of the Literary group called Anjuman e Khawateen e Asia in Kuwait & also Punjabi Adbi Chaan..

Musarrat Jabeen Zeba


Nursing / Anesthesia


January,7th 1951

Jhang, Punjab , Pakistan


Rani Riffat Parveen, Asif Ali Rai, Babar Ali Javed


MA [Urdu literature, Islamiat]

Published Books



Ghazal ; Free Verse: Columnist

Notable work(s)

Rukh e Zeba; Dar e Khudanuma, Azab e Darbadri, Dar e Khuda Numa etc..

Upcoming Projects

Kuwait Mein Urdu

Notable award(s)

Millennium Award, Safeena E Adab, Anjuman e Farogh e Urdu Adab Kuwait


Sidra Neelam

Mohammad Burhan Sayed Zada


Zeba:"Pen is my best friend"


 Early career

Zeba started writing at a very young age. penning down both prose and poetry, and contributing columns in newspapers & magazines Initially, she wrote under the pen-name, Kashfa, Barzakh & finally Zeba.


She was motivated by her teacher to write poetry during her matriculation studies



She spent her childhood time in area of shorkot, mainly near the area of Ghazi Peer


Zeba had migrated from shorkot to Karachi for pursuing her career in medical field


After finishing her studies and passing out she migrated to State of Kuwait

Urdu Poetry

Zeba Had 8 Books Published & has further works to be published (In process)


Her Published Books are:


رخ زیبا

پہلا آنسو موسم کا

چاہتیں بے اصول ہوتی ہیں

اپنے گھر کے سارے موسم

ٹاہلیاں دے تھلے

در خدا نما

عذاب در بدری

چلے بھی آو گلاب رت


She had attended many Almi Mushairas abroad & In Kuwait


Many of the Almi Mushairas Post Covid Era were attended Remotely 


She had visited for Almi Mushairas in, Qatar & Bahrain 

Religious point of view

Being a Masters in Islamic Studies, she had the vast knowledge of answering Religious questions in the light of the Holy Book (Quran)


She was called upon different Groups to answer questions & was always in favor of Unity of Islam 


Some of the examples with religious works can be seen through her poetry, arcticles; Also Roohaniyat section in the Website 

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